Friday, May 10, 2019

Charlotte Mason Ideas and Books quotes

This is a third in a series of compilations of Charlotte Mason's writings and each one seems to get better for me. This one kept me saying "exactly!" the whole way through. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

"It is only as we recognise our limitations that our work becomes effective: when we see definitely what we are to do, what we can do, and we cannot do, we set to work with confidence and courage; we have an end in view, and we make our way intelligently toward that end, and a way to an end is method. It rests with parents not only to give their children birth into the life of intelligence and moral power, but to sustain the higher life which they have borne." pg 13

"We know that to form in his child right habits of thinking and behaving is a parent's chief duty, and that this can be done for every child definitely and within given limits of time. To nourish a child daily with loving, right, and noble ideas we believe to be the parent's next duty." pg 19

"We lay ourselves open to the spiritual impact of ideas, whether these be conveyed by the printed page, the human voice, or whether they reach us without visible sign." pg 21

"We as ourselves, 'Is there any fruitful idea underlying this or that study that the children are engaged in?" pg 21

"The education of the day, it is said, does not produce reading people. We are determined that the children shall love books, therefore we do not interpose ourselves between the bok and the child. We read him his Tanglewood Tales, and when he is a little older his Plutarch, not trying to break up or water down, but leaving the child's mind to deal with the matter as it can." pg 22

"To secure that adaptation and the expansion and activity of the person, along the lines of the relations most proper to him, is the work of education; to be accomplished by the two factors of ideas and habits. Every relation must be initiated by its own 'captain' idea, sustained upon fitting ideas; and wrought into the material substance of the person by its proper habits. This is the field before us." pg 34

"... a special literature for children is probably far less necessary than the book sellers would have us suppose. Out of any list of 'the hundred best books,' I believe that seventy-five would be well within the range of chilren of eight or nine." pg 35

"But let information hang upon a principle, be inspired by an idea, and it is taken with avidity and used in maing whatsoever in the spiritual nature stands for tissue in the physical." pg 46

"...there is no education but self-education…" pg 46

"He practices various handicrafts that he may know the feel of wood, clay, leather, and the joy of handling tools, that is, that he may establish a due relation with materials." pg 50

"It cannot be too often said that information is not education." pg 56

"We owe it to them to initiate an immense number of interests… Life should be all living, and not merely a tedious passing of time; not all doing or all feeling or all thinking - the strain would be too great - but, all living; that is to say, we should be in touch wherever we go, whatever we hear, whatever we see, with some manner of vital interest.". pg 57

Monday, May 06, 2019

These Happy Golden Years quotes

I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. Have I said that enough on this blog? Every one of her books brings me into touch with LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE. Life at its very essence. And this one is no exception. Here are some of my favorite quotes. 

"While they were tucking in a sheet, Laura said, 'Carrie, do you ever think how lucky we are to have a home like this?'
Carrie looked around her, surprised. There was nothing to be seen but the two beds, the three boxes under the eaves where they kept their things, and the underside of the shingles overhead. There was also the stovepipe that came up through the floor and went out through the roof. 
'It is snug,' Carrie said, while they spread the first quilt and folded and tucked in its corners. 'I guess I never did think, exactly.'
'You just wait til you go away,' Laura said. 'Then you'll think.'" pg 36

"'Well, as he was going on into Fuller's, he just said to me over his shoulder, God hates a coward.'
'So you came because you wouldn't take a dare?' Laura asked. 
'No, it wasn't a dare,' Almanzo said. 'I just figured he was right.'" pg 78

"But best of all were the mornings and he evenings at home. Laura realized that she had never appreciated them until now. There were no sullen silences, no smouldering quarrels, no ugly outbreaks of anger. 
Instead there was work with pleasant talk, there were happy little jokes and evenings of cosy studying and reading,and the music of Pa's fiddle." pg 102

"'Well, I'm not engaged, nor do I want to teach,' said Mary Power. 'How about you, Ida? Are you going to teach for a while?'
Ida laughed, 'No, indeed" I never did want to teach. I'd rather keep house. Why do you suppose I got this ring?'
They all laughed with her, and Minnie asked, 'Well, why did you get yours, Laura? Don't you want to keep house?'
'Oh, yes,' Laura answered. 'But Almanzo has to build it first.' Then the big new bell clanged in the cupola, and recess was over." pg 220

Friday, May 03, 2019

Still blogging, still dreaming

I have been wasting my time and yours enriching the world with my blog posts for nine years. Wow, that's a long time to keep going at something and still not have fame or money for it. (just kidding… of course...I think...)

I like to reflect on how different my life is now than it was then. At the time, it was a turning point in my life. I had just moved to a little house closer to my job where I didn't take two hours to get to my job and I started dedicating more time to exercise, hosting friends for meals, crafts, reading and general creativity and friendship. I was in the middle of quitting my steady, well-paying 9-5 job to try fundraising my own salary for a ministry. I was dating my current husband and wondering if he would ever propose. 

Now I am pretty much drowning in diapers, meal-planning, dishes and laundry. 

However, I also like to reflect on how shockingly similar I am, my dreams are and my motivation for blogging is, even though my state in life and lifestyle is dramatically different. 

The first blog I read and what got me started was NieNie's because I saw her on Oprah. She's still my favorite blogger ever and she still inspires me for the same reasons: her faith as #1, her strong community of real (not online) people, her family traditions, her crafts and decorations, her meals, her whimsical parties, her naturalness in raising kids. 

I started this blog with a post called simple life and it's still what I want. I still like country music the most. I still like sharing what books I read and seeing others' book recommendations. I still like writing articles and connecting with other like-minded people online. I still like taking pictures of my culinary successes, decorating successes and party/holiday successes. I am still trying to celebrate the liturgical year. I am still trying to value relationships and friendships and meals together over a factory-style work. I still love Theology of the Body and all the people I met through it. 

How about you? How are you the same over the past 9 years?

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Beauty in the Word quotes

This was the best book I've read about education and it inspired the last article I wrote called "What is Education?" It's about the Trivium and his other book about the Quadrivium is now on my to-read list. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes: 

"The gravest threat our civilization faces is in fact not ecological but philosophical. It is the widespread belief that there is no objective truth and no 'true' way of considering the world and its history, only a plurality of subjective points of view, each point of view being of equal value and deserving equal respect." pg 7

"The liberal arts are a golden thread that comes from the Greeks, from Pythagoras and his successors both Islamic and Christian, especially St Augustine; a thread that weaves its way through the history of our civilization. These arts were intended for the cultivation of freedom and the raising of our humanity to its highest possible level." pg 9

"The basis for a good education is, on the one hand, the self-motivation of the child to pursue what engages and interests him, and on the other, the creativity, responsiveness, and love of the teacher, who sets the terms for learning and encourages the child to flourish." pg 25

"She almost goes as far as to say that the subject studied and its contents are irrelevant; the important thing, the real goal of study, is the 'development of atention.' Why? Because prayer consists of attention, and all worldly study is really a stretching of the soul towards prayer." pg 30

"All this suggests that the earliest stage of education is not simply the learning of words, of names, of vocabulary, but the learning of how to name." pg 43

"All through life we are seeking a place where we can be at home, where we can truly belong. If we cannot remember that experience of belonging, then we are forced to remember something that defines it by contrast. Either way, it is memory that defines our journey." pg 45

"The contemporary dissolution of the family is also the dissolution of tradition, because it can only be passed on within the community whose identity it helps to define." pg 47

"The purpose of tradition is to serve the personal growth and development of man. But the purpose of the mechanical order that currently dominates education is for man to serve the growth and further evolution of the machine." pg 47

"I have tried in this chapter to loosen Grammar from the narrow confines of an association with sentence construction, to show that the birth of language is bound up with memory and poetry and the telling of stories about the world and about ourselves." pg 56

"'Trivium' is therfore the vital importance of crafts, drama and dance, poetry and storytelling, as a foundation for independent and critical thought. Through doing and making, through poesis, the house of the soul is built." pg 57

"A child's head is more like an acorn than a jam jar, says Atkins." pg 66

"Thus on a deeper level I am not just what I hapen to do, or choose to do; I am that which God gives me to do. I am my mission." pg 90

"The starting point is always reading (and playing music) to the child as soon and as much as possible." pg 121

"In this perspective, the teacher's task, on the one hand, is to testify that the ruth about oneself is not limited to a projection of one's own ideas and images, and on the other, to introduce the student ot the marvellous and ever surprising discovery of the truth that precedes him and over which has no control." pg 37