Friday, July 22, 2016

Padre Pio's miracle

I had wanted to give Addie a middle name, but her name was already so "strong" and we weren't able to decide on one anyway.

This time though, our baby got a middle name and a powerful intercessor, Pio.

Have you heard of St. Padre Pio? I had been reading about him and thought he was cool. We had been successful in spacing our second baby two years after the first, which is the first step to avoiding a repeat c-section. And when the time for the green light of being able to conceive again came around, I was baby-hungry. I wanted a sibling for Addie before she grew up any more. I envied pregnant women I saw. Surprisingly, getting pregnant wasn't as immediate for us as I had expected. And when the pregnancy test came positive one weekend, I was overjoyed.

Then I had a little blood loss. We had some with Addie, so I wasn't too worried. My doctor said to go in and check, just in case. It was too early to see anything, she said, and there was nothing to do but wait. I was in the middle of a novena to Padre Pio. I implored his help. He was a miracle worker during his lifetime, so he could certainly work this small miracle for me, right?

On Padre Pio's feast day, I had real blood loss. My period. A miscarriage. It was very early on, but I was still shocked that it had happened to me. "Even when it's very early, miscarriage hurts."

I was veeeery angry at Padre Pio. Some miracle worker. I felt like going into a church with his statue and breaking off his arm (that's a scene from a movie called Malena). I know, uncalled for.

And then we got pregnant right after. And it went well. Really well. And the first doctors' appointments you always get asked "date of last menstruation?" And I answered... September 23rd... oh, Padre Pio's feast day. Thanks Padre Pio. You're not so bad after all.

I decided he would be our official saint to ask to intercede for our birth. And the birth went really, really, really well. Lots of little miracles there, that we really felt if it weren't God's loving hand and all the prayers... including Padre Pio's.. wouldn't have gone well.

So Davy got a middle name. And we got a friend in heaven.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Our prince was born at 41 weeks + 5 days and it was an amazing birth. I might share my birth story soon. I actually have it already written. I'm scared of forgetting it, it already seems so far away.

The first week was pretty rough, and boy does it make a difference one week in. We came home exhausted. I hadn't slept at the hospital, my husband hadn't slept at my in-laws' house. It was a mess. Now we have all been sleeping well for the past few nights. (I totally sleep with the baby on my stomach. I don't care if it's dangerous. We'll sleep train later).

The worst part was adjusting my plan for Addie. I had thought I would delegate her care and entertainment to others, while resting (= doing nothing, reading) and taking care of baby only. However, after a few heartbreaking moments on the first day, I realized she was mommy-starved. She has never been particularly dependent on me and has always enjoyed going out with other people... until now. Now she doesn't even want to leave the house. She just wants mommy, mommy, mommy. So I've modified my plan. I take care of and play with Addie as much as possible, while my mom and husband take care of baby and house as much as possible. And it's working out.

My favorite thing I learned this week was something my friend sent me in a text message when I told her about this problem:

"That's why being a mother is at times so tough. You are irreplaceable."

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Article up

I am still waiting for baby Davy to decide to show himself... 41 weeks today... losing it a little bit...
but meanwhile I have an article up on Catholic Stand today:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

40 weeks and counting

Addie coloring a welcome sign for her grandma... the BELLY... Addie reapplying her lipstick in the background (a gift from her aunt that she is completely obsessed with)...

I kept telling everyone I wouldn't make it to 40 weeks, but here I am posting the same "40 weeks and counting" title I posted two years ago. Oh, for patience. I find it fascinating that modern medicine and our rationalism can't quite explain labor and delivery. Doctors don't really know what sets off labor. And even though there are suggestions like walking and rasberry tea, there isn't anything really proven. I love how there is still some mystery there, plus all I've been learning about how a woman's emotional and psychological state affects labor is fascinating too. We're really not all that rational as we think we are.

Meanwhile, we'll be celebrating our wedding anniversary today and my birthday tomorrow (celebrating is a relative term... I don't really feel like it, but I'll try!). It's a big 3 and 30...! And maybe baby Davy will crash the party.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I recently realized that I don't have any belly pictures of myself. And it's really, really big. I tried to remedy that last Sunday, but the picture turned out too bad to post. I'll have to try again. Meanwhile, here is a better picture of my two loves, looking super, super cute as usual. There is nothing like a playful dad. I've been getting so tired and irritated with this toddler's constant high level of energy, especially now at the very end of pregnancy, but her dad has enough energy to keep up and even outrun her. It never ceases to amaze me how he can always find the patience to wrestle, crawl around and act like a lion, sing silly made-up songs, climb trees, jump waves at the beach. We have very different parenting styles (I just want her in bed on time...) and she is very lucky to have her adventurous dad.

I am 39 weeks and have never felt so impatient. I remember this horrible feeling of wanting to get it over with our first time around, but I'm sure this time it's more intense. I have absolutely no desire to do anything else but have this baby. Not even chocolate cookies raise my entusiasm level for life. Every day is teeeeedious. Every mess Addie makes drives me up the wall. It's the whole God's time v. our time issue... yada yada yada... but it's driving me crazy. Hopefully, baby will feel like joining us out here sometime soon. :)